Political systems

What would you say if I tell you that all political systems are an illusion and they do not exist?
I can almost hear words buzzing, "What do you mean they do not exist? Of course they do?!"

What I mean is that neither of them really existed except as theoretical ideologies written on paper.
All the systems we ever had and we have now are just illusions. We are just using different words so we can name and describe something that is not. We probably do this to feel a bit better about ourselves and to escape reality. As you know, reality can be painful sometimes.

Name it: democracy, socialism, communism ... never existed, and the most genuine system we ever had in history is something we never officially had.

Let's start with democracy.
What does democracy mean? The term originates from the Greek δημοκρατία (dēmokratía) "rule of the people," which was coined from δῆμος (dêmos) "people" and κράτος (krátos) "power" or "rule", in the 5th century BCE.
We have never had "rule of the people," at least not for all of them! [*] We have something called the election system, a process in which a ruling party is elected, and some people from that ruling party are chosen to lead the country with some type of ruler (chairman, president, premier ...) on top.

What about socialism and communism?
From the standpoint of rulership, they have been envisioned as systems ruled by the working class. The working class tends to be the majority of the population (people demos). In both socialism and communism, everything is owned by the government, which is really only difference in comparison to capitalistic democracy. And on top, there is again a ruling party with a president.

Maybe feudalism is not an illusion, which is a system for structuring society around relationships derived from the holding of land in exchange for service or labour. The Latin word "feudum" can be translated as "fee" (payment, tribute). In this system, lords have land and properties in their possession, which are given by the monarch, and then they rent that land to peasants for a certain fee.

Now, let's examine all these systems a bit more. Although each of these systems has many variations, from political or economic point of view, they each have one very important thing in common:

Each of these systems is just a pyramidal system ruled by the elite and owned by the elite. Elite is enjoying all the privileges and luxuries and everyone else is working for the elite!

In feudalism, which is the simplest system of above mentioned, the monarch spreads lands and properties to loyal lords, and in return he gets advice, military power, and money as support in the form of taxes. Everyone else works for the lazy king and lords for their pleasure and benefit. So, on top of the pyramid is the monarch, then the lords and, I must not forget, the religious clerks. Religion is very important because when you do not have bread to eat, at least you can dine on hope. Although Christ never had this type of misuse in mind, much like Nobel, Tesla, or Einstein with their inventions in recent times, it still happened.

In communism and socialism, the problem with ruling was that rulership of the working class was just a romantic dream in which everyone works as much as they can, which is often almost nothing, but they all live in a world of plenty. The sad reality is that only the people on top (who are usually very cunning and skillful, with the rhetorical ability to promise things but not accomplish them - which we usually call lying) enjoy the wealth. Small exception to this rule, are the people who live around the elite. Everyone else lives poorly. Usually, what is government property in theory, in reality is the property of the corrupt officials on top and it is available at their disposal. Similar to feudalism, another thing is at their disposal the military and police. Therefore, even if anyone discloses this level of corruption, he or she will be gently removed from existence. Replacing "La Presidente" is similar to the process in the monarchy: when one dies, another "silver-tongued" star rises.

And, we came to democracy, which is the most promising of them all. Again, the sad truth is that democracy does not exist. Like the previous systems democracy is yet another romantic illusion. Amazingly, in the beginning, when democracy was formed, only a handful of people had the right to vote. Women, poor people, and people of certain ages did not have the right to vote. That was amended later, but something else happened; the multi-party system was replaced with a two-party system. In each election, those parties have their own prodigies, similar to the communist silver-tongued stars, promising "hope, changes, and winning wars." All that is just a façade; the entire voting system can be manipulated very easily. Sometimes it does not even need to be manipulated because both parties are the same-they are just pretending to have differences and opposing ideas. But behind the curtains are the puppeteers: mighty businesses pulling the ropes of the politicians. Sometimes, the people behind those businesses pull the ropes on their own. You can easily recognize these individuals-they are not governed by the same laws as the little people! And again, everyone else lives in the "rat race" slavery conditions.

All the systems we have invented have a pyramidal structure and some kind of elite is on top.
So, the best word to describe all these systems is — aristocracy. As I said previously, perhaps no one is calling it by that name, but that is the only system we have and have ever had.

The scenario goes like this:
Those on the top are telling tales of hope to wax the ears of the dreaming masses.
They tell lies and carefully constructed empty promises of "a better, rich life" so people will start believing in those false dreams. Because of these lies people will continue feeding the same old idea, the same old system, thinking that any other system any alternative is absolutely impossible.

But you have to keep one thing in mind: we are in a game of monopoly, and the game is still on. There is just one rule to win this game: "Win all the money and push other players to bankruptcy."

And please remember: don't hate the players - they are just playing by the rules of the game!

We cannot say that everything that happened was bad.

Writing the following, you may think I am contradicting myself, but I am not.
Everything in the history of politic systems had its own purpose and it could not have been "played" significantly differently with the state of the knowledge and the state of mind of the majority of "players."

To begin with, it was impossible in ancient times to have "rulership of many" because majority of people were completely illiterate. They did not know simple things, and they were far from having knowledge about matters of state. Everything that happened until this point in time in the development of political systems had "evolutionary" properties in their nature. You may say that some of these processes happened because of "revolutions", despite the fact that this is true in physical appearance, as I have already explained, nothing really important has truly changed.

People will most likely live in the system that corresponds to their level of knowledge and consciousness.

"But why would I care? Who cares who rules anyway?"

You do. You might not already know it, but you should care because someday you could find yourself in the same line as someone else - on your way to the killing pit, as many people experienced during the Second World War.

There is one big issue with this "dance" of the elite: while they play their game of monopoly, they will do everything necessary to win. Sometimes, that means they will go to other countries to "educate" the people in those countries about democracy. Military is usually involved, during this "education" process, just to make sure no one will skip the lessons. In the process of this "knowledge transfer," people will die.

Now, you have to ask yourself: who is guilty for these deaths?
Do you think that among the millions of people who die in the process, there will be an innocent child?
Who is responsible for death of that innocent child?

Think about it: even if it's just one child, who is responsible for the death of that one innocent child?

You are! We are!
If you are paying taxes, you are responsible!
Your taxes support military actions, and perhaps your dollar was the dollar that bought the bullet that killed a child.

How does that resonate with your religion or ethical upbringing?

Are you Christian, Muslim, Sikh, or maybe Buddhist? What is your biggest commandment? Do you really think you can repent for the death of an innocent child in God's eyes? Do you think karma forgives?

Then, where are we now?
We are currently in a state where it looks like neither evolution nor revolution will change anything.

So, it seems that we are doomed?

Not quite; let me explain.

What is evolution?

Evolution is a slow change through trial and error; it works by removing elements that are weaker than others. Evolution also involves gaining knowledge, by the process of building on top of existing knowledge. The main problem with evolution is our expectation that every change will lead us in the correct direction. But what usually happens along the way, is that we are removing all attempts that are not suited for the game of "Monopoly", making the game more complex and even more difficult to understand.

By the rules of the game, only the strongest and fittest "survive." The problem there is that the strongest and fittest are just a small fraction of the entire population on the planet.

If we accept that "only strongest and fittest should survive" as absolute truth, what will happen to everyone else?

What is Revolution?

By definition, revolution is a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system, which should be an action that creates a change.

That is the biggest lie of them all; the truth is that every change that has happened in history just led to a transfer of goods from one "elite" group to another "elite" group.

Unfortunately, mentioned "action that creates a change" does not create significant change in reality.

Look at all the countries that recently went from socialism to democracy or any other "change." In most of the cases, the situation is the same and sometime even worse. The same thing happened when masses of people overthrew monarchs in favor of a republic or communism, and the same is applicable for near or distant history.

Remember that when everyone starts shouting for revolution, there is a good chance that the majority of the people won't get anything out of it.

Then what? We are kind of running out of options here.

The solution is Design. We already have all the knowledge. We are at the point of development at which we have gained enough knowledge through history that we can make a much better system. By combining the knowledge we have with inventive design, we can create a new system that will be more suitable for the majority of the people.

We consider ourselves conscious and intelligent human beings. If that is true, I think and I have a feeling you think the same thing, it is about time to start acting as intelligent human beings.

So, let's start exploring possibilities!

What is the best game for us?

Stay tuned...