None of us had a choice on who would be our parents, where we would be born, how our body or face would look, how smart we would be, or any other property in that sense. Although some philosophers, religious people, and mystics say that we should not equalize our consciousness with our material existence, the real question is “what if?”

What if you had a choice?

Original photo source: "Monarch Life Cycle — 1 of 20" by Sid Mosdell 

If you could change whatever you wish on or in you, what would you change?

Would you change the color of your skin?
Imagine that every day, very much like a chameleon, you had ability to change your skin color. Would you change it to fit in into society, or would you adjust your skin to certain weather conditions? Would you make it black in sunny places and white in cold places?

Or maybe you would prefer to be more intelligent or smarter?

What about having the strength of ten of men or superhuman speed?

What color of eyes would you pick?

What age would you choose for yourself? And, would you ever wish to experience how it looks to be old and wrinkly with a deteriorating body?

Imagine that we are so technologically advanced that we can change our looks at will — not by surgery, by at will. What if we could change the shape of our bones, muscles, and skin instantly, very much like the way we change our facial expressions showing different emotions?

What kind of look would you choose? Would you be beautiful or ugly?

What gender and sexuality would you choose? Man, woman, gay, lesbian, transgender, multiple sex organs, or would you change your sex on a daily bases? One minute, one sex, and the next minute, something else.

Would you change your look often? How easy would it be to escape your past or previous actions?

What kind of knowledge would you choose to know? Would you choose one, few, or all languages?

How would other people perceive you? How easy or difficult would it be to make bonds, if everything was shape-shifting all the time?

At the end, what is core of you, and where does it lie? What is it, the thing you call “you”?

. . .

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