Government is our friend

We complain, and we complain a lot. Probably, I am not much different than others. So, from time to time, I ask myself, “What if? What if, instead complaining, we would find the real underlying causes of things that bother us and try to fix them?”

What would it be like, if we would view everyone as friends?
Would that make our lives easier and richer?

Original photo source: "Parlament" by adam w 

Frequently, I think, “If my neighbours are rich, my environment will be richer.” I guess that those people will spend their money locally... ahem, unless they spend 350 days in Greece, Hawaii, Bali, or any other exotic place each year and spend all their money there.

You simply cannot win. Most people will become the same as those politicians they do not like, as soon as they get in power, and even local power is a testimony to my words. Whoever got in power had some range of tricks and “get rich quick” schemes. Maybe you would do the same. Maybe you will sell your products to large corporations, maybe earn a bit on publicly-organised parties, maybe you would employ a friend, or give him an advantage on public tender... All that is nothing strange; we all like helping people we trust.

When in power, we tend to surround ourselves with people we can rely on, and, in order to continue enjoying that power, from time to time, we need to do a favour or two. Regardless of how good someone was at university and how skilful he/she was at a job, as we do not have any track record about that person, we tend to choose those who are comparably less skilful but whom we trust more in one way or another.

We cannot make a change without making a few enemies from time to time, but there is always a boundary. As any long-term plan is subjected to changes of power, we need friends on all sides. When people are changing every 4 years, there is a constant danger that whoever is next in power will undo what was already done.

Imagine an athlete who needs 7 years to master his skill. He will train for 4 years, then the coach will change and tell him to relax and do nothing for the next 3 years. What will happen?

Taxation simply works because taxes have been around for as long as we can remember — you already know “death and taxes.” Maybe not always and not for everyone, but for usual mortals, they are inevitable, just like death. The only thing subjected to change is the rate, but the base idea and structure has remained unchanged for a very long time.

Now, if you really want to change the system, you need to convince the government that you are a friend and that what you are doing is actually helping and not causing future issues. I know, it is hard, but that is the only reasonable way. If we would treat them with equal respect, like we treat family or friends, maybe they would listen to us from time to time.

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