It is Your Fault the Rich are Getting Richer

No, this is not one of those motivational speeches where I am trying to convince you that you can become rich if you start wishing. Also, it is not one of those stories where I am explaining that you’ve let this happen by not engaging in political processes.

Although all those contributed to the issue, this is not what I want to address at this time.

Even without tax havens, quantities easing, government subsidies, and corruption, the rich will become richer simply due to the snowball effect: by investing and reinvesting their money into new ideas and start-ups, they are simply taking over more and more of future wealth.

Have you considered that you are to blame for that?
Do you wonder how?

Do you know the story of Ron Wayne, the forgotten Apple founder?

Well like Ron, most of the time, people are afraid to risk even the smallest amount of money by investing in other people’s ideas, therefore missing the opportunity to change our society from it is now into something better.

Being afraid they will lose money or that they will be scammed for a few dollars a month — although, ironically they will spend a greater amount of money needlessly consuming things they do not need — they also miss the opportunity to change things for themselves and for society.

By not being involved, not investing small amounts into struggling start-ups and advocates, you are letting rich people take over, without any trouble, both wealth and governance.

Think about this for a moment: more than 65% of America is considered overweight or obese, mostly struggling to lose weight. At the same time, there is a blooming fitness and weight-loss industry.

In the year 2014, the value of the weight loss market was $64 billion. Just for comparison, people could buy 5 Twitter-like companies (current market capitalization of Twitter is around $12 billion) each year for that kind of money.

What if they could just start saving money by changing their daily eating habits and then investing that money?

You do not believe me?

Read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki, and try listening to his advice.
For starters, begin with creating a small monthly investment fund and start looking for people who can create a better future for everyone.