Religious Donations

Somehow, throughout history, we have been gathering around our fires and holy grounds.

For thousands of years, we have been told that we should build places of worship. Even now, when one would think we’ve had enough time for everything to settle down, different religious leaders still compete to build more, taking yet more of nature’s ground.

Every ‘more’ for human greed always means less for nature’s seeds.

I understand that people want to be good believers, and they think they are building places for prayers, but isn’t it said, “When you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret” (Matthew 6:6)?

Look around. This entire planet we are walking on is God’s place. While we spend time building temples, huts, and houses, we are destroying his creation. There is no “they” doing it; we are all in this crime together, and we will all suffer the consequences, if we don’t do anything about it.

Everything on this planet — humans, animals, plants, every creepy crawler and bug, and everything live or dead on it, that is, if you believe in God, is God’s creation!

So, do not worry about temples. It is already taken care of.
Go outside and look up. God made the sky to be your roof and stars to be murals on your ceiling.
Can any painter compete with that beauty?
You need to rest your eyes on holy scenes? Look into bushes and forest greens.
And, if you need to be baptized by holy water, just wait for the next rain shower.

So, the next time you offer up your church donation, think about all those bricks and all that mortar, those pictures and frescos, wood carvings and beams, golden jewelry and other decorations — all are — just a small display of human vanity.

Wouldn’t it be nice if people, at the time their hands reach for money, would just consider giving less for buildings and more to protect the natural beauty given to them for free?

Even if the God of gospel said “fill” (Genesis 1:28), it has not said “overfill the Earth” or “destroy everything I crated in the process”.

Wouldn’t cleaning up the environment, fixing global warming, and starting to reduce the number of people by considering the size of our families be something God would want?

What if we could solve poverty forever? Is that something we should do, or just falsely claim that that is something for every person to find his own way to rise above and overcome?

Instead of bricks, we could solve our suffering just by changing where we place our resources, money, and time.

The oldest known man made building is just around 7000 years old, in comparison life on this planet existed for millions of years...

If we were suddenly to disappear one day, all those temples we have built over time would be quickly reclaimed by trees and plants. Even the hardest of rocks and mortars would be slowly turned to dust by gentle moss and grass, but if we destroy nature, civilization as we know it, will perish soon after.

So, instead in temporary buildings, consider donating/investing to protect nature, for yourself and future generations to come.