World of Freedom

For humans, it is not so simple to be free as it may seem at first glance.

Think for a moment about that world I was writing about, the one in which your everyday smartphone becomes almost the same as Aladdin’s lamp and you are not required to work anymore in order to live.

Immediately after, some people would complain. They wouldn’t agree with everyone having the same advantage. Plus, if someone has more privilege than others, some people would again complain about everyone not being equal.

Also, we have a tendency to get frustrated or jealous, if other people achieve something with less effort. That annoyance is coming from within. Often, we would like to think that we are “the best,” “unique,” or “irreplaceable,” and, from an individual perspective, that is true. Every single living being in time and space is an unrepeatable event in the entire universe, but, from the perspective of the universe and the perspective of society, it is quite the opposite. The larger and more durable a system is, the easier it is to replace its parts without having any significant effects on the rest of the system. If a black hole would suddenly appear and swallow the entire constellation of stars along with our Sun, the universe would continue with business as usual, and nothing would change. No one would get upset or disturbed about it.

Many times, our Ego is trying to convince us that the truth is different than what it really, objectively is.

If we weren’t born and raised in the world of abundance, but, instead, we needed to work hard in order to succeed, the transition to society that does not requires you to work, and to let go the old habits will be hard. This transition will be especially hard for older people with conservative types of mind-sets, characterised with strong opinions. The same transition will be hard for those who say that it is necessary to work hard, in order to succeed. For them if that internal premise is not fulfilled, regardless of the benefits that these changes can provide for others — jealousy will spur as a result of comparing with others that have done something better than us or in easier way than us.

The idea that others have to suffer the way we did can be a significant stopper for the future development of civilisation.

The question is, “What would happen if we could just let go of old habits?”

Maybe it is true that, in a future without work, we would slowly degrade into decadency and laziness, destroying the very bricks that built our society. Equally, maybe if we just let it go, our progress would be much faster, as we would dedicate our resources to those that things will fuel advances in science and technology.

By progressing faster, we will pave the roads for many new adventures.

The new, unexplored horizons of the universe are almost limitless. Without jobs, we can explore ourselves, nature, and also explore everything around us. We can become more human than we ever were before, and that excitement is worth letting go of old political and economic structures.

It is on us to choose whether we are going to become a good or evil version of ourselves.

Metaphorically speaking, every time our jealousy takes over, maybe it is just the case that the "devil" is messing with us, as in the world without “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” [Death (illness, ageing), Famine (poverty), War (hate, greed) and Conquest (power, lust...)] there is no job for the "devil," too.

So, how about uniting, putting our heads and hands together, and beating the bastard?

How about creating a free heaven on Earth?