The Pyramid of Power - Aristocracies

There is a saying that “Good magicians hides things in plain site.”

All political systems are just illusions. Neither of them exist in reality. Or to be precise different names we use for political systems are just there to mislead and prolong the game.

Ok, so, it is a Bold claim isn't it?

If we think about political systems, they all have different features: political features, structural features, economic features. So, let's try to compare and abstract.

Let's first discuss Communism and Socialism. In theory, in those systems, working class is in power and government is created from the socialist or communist party. Further more, social classes should have been, supposedly, eliminated trough concept of common ownership. Common ownership means that everything is publicly own, belongs equally to everyone. In return everyone work as much as they can for the common good.

But, in reality this translates that people do not work as much as needed, and that certain small group holds the political power. Changes in the top leadership are rare, and chance for a rebellion negligible. Top leadership controls the wealth, and enjoys special privileges, meaning that everyone else is working for handful minority. or how George Orwell has put it in the “Animal Farm” story - “ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL BUT SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS.“

What about Democracy?

It is just yet another buzz word.

Democracy comes from Greek words demos and cratos means (δῆμος demos "people" and kratos "rule" ) – the people rule. In theory, all people should decide about the matters that are important for them.

Economically wise everyone should have equal opportunity to pursue happiness, and if they work hard anyone can get rich - or at least that is what we have all been told.

In reality, small minority has 99% of all wealth. The same all powerful minority can highly influence outcome of any election.

The same small group of people has always been in power. Although we would like to think we live in democracy, repeating that buzz word all the time, truth is we don't.

What we call Representative or elective Democracy is oxymoron – contradiction same like “open secret” for instance...

So, if democracy is also illusion, then what is it?

Mutual for all these systems, and systems we ever had, is - pyramidal structure of power.

At the bottom is the class that does all the work,

then there is middle management, if we go up armed forces such military and police, then there is class that is trying to convince you that there is no other way, then the elite that owns all the wealth and power, and then those at the top.

Therefore, the only system we ever had is Aristocracy, and money or rather monopoly is the game that runs the show.

But what is different between western and eastern Aristocracies?

There is an old analogy of the donkey, carrot and the stick.

While donkey is pulling the cart, master can choose to use a stick to beat the donkey in order to force it to pull it stronger – which quite resembles eastern Aristocracies.

On the other hand master can use the carrot on the stick to lure the starving donkey. Donkey lives under impression that he will get the carrot eventually - but, in reality - the same way like in that joke “As soon I learn my hamster not to eat, he died” donkey will never get to the carrot. And western democracies are like this.

But don't make mistake, although starving don't leave bruises, and although we tend to judge more what is physical and visible, the second way is equally bad, and in one way or another donkey is just a slave.

So called “The American Dream”, “Pursue for happiness” are there just to lure you.

In reality in the other hand, for majority of people this is is just an illusion, simply because by competing in pyramidal structure only handful of people can succeed.

Examples: Sport, Music, TV, business, property market, energy … it is all the same.

In order to perpetuate this illusion, key thing, is to occasionally let someone eat the carrot, showing other “Look, they have succeeded! You can too!”.

And if by now you are getting impression that I want to say that we are all slaves, answer is YES - regardless, of being rich or poor, east or west, we are all slaves to the system we have created.

It is misconception, that slavery requires torture or lack of payment, all this really depends on the master and his strategy. Master can choose different strategies: starving slave or make him happy in order to work as much as possible - so that slave will “behave” and continue to pull.

Think about it, credit debt, mortgage, working hours 9-5, education system - are all there to keep you busy pulling that carriage of progress.

Is that good or bad I will discuss more in the next video!

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