Gasoline pump vs. Electric charging station

For quite some time, whenever I see the gasoline pump, an image pops into my mind of the guy holding a gun to his temple. This guy is obviously angry and crazy; why else would he have a gun?! That is not all: around him, there are drops of the addictive drug he spilt in his rage. He is standing there like some junkie, angrily asking others to take his flammable dope. Sometimes, the guy has two guns — one in each hand. At other times, he is hanging out with a bunch of his friends, still standing there doing the same threatening standoff with the gun.

While this film is unwrapping in front of my eyes, a train of associations follows. I see the entire history of black gold trafficking. The first invention and realisation, the first commercialisation, the first attempts at digging... I see thousands years of crude usage, eventually finding the way to refine it to a more purified form with a stronger kick.

More and more of our machines started to be addicted to this drug; they could not live without it. We, urged by our needy machines, started looking for any means to find the necessary drugs for them. Machines spent and used the drugs like never before; with every exhale, they released tremendous amounts of smoke. We event started killing ourselves, in order to obtain a monopoly on the market. We lost countless lives in our geopolitical games. In order to satisfy machines, we forgot who we really are.

Thankfully, for every smoker and every drug addict, there is always a cure, and it is very similar: stop smoking, eat healthy food, and exercise. Healthy food has been there since the beginning, but it was not so addictive and not so attractive as the black gold. Now that we are nearly running out of the reserves for our machines, we have remembered that healthy, green electrons were always there.

Fun facts:

  • In 1839, the first electric car was invented by British inventor Robert Anderson.
  • In 1859, the total US production of crude oil was only 2000 barrels.
  • All wars in which we’ve fought in the last two centuries were for land and resources, especially oil.
  • Running an electric car is more efficient, even if we produce our electricity from oil.
  • Renewable sources like wind, solar, hydro, and tidal are clean, and they are rapidly improving. Soon, the cost of electricity from those sources will be lower than oil or any other fuel.
  • The cost of running an electric car is smaller than a gasoline car.
  • Large car companies are working hard to create and produce affordable electric cars for consumers.

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