Future Genie

In a society where all jobs are automated, what will be our purpose, and what jobs will we do?

I will dare to say that the most frequent job in the future will be a genie manager!

When the future becomes good, we will all have our personal genies (read “a genius AI” or “a wish-fulfilling-tech”) from a lamp (smart phone with hologram or some type of neuro-lace that will produce Immersion VR [or augmented reality] objects and images in our brains), and, of course, there will be Magic Police (again AI) to protect us from each other!

Original photo source: "Phenomenal cosmic powers ..." by JD Hancock 

Even now, we can command the genie from the lamp, and it will fulfil our wishes. It already exists; you can use your smart phone and go to Amazon’s web site, or any other retailer’s site, and order things you want. The only difference from Aladdin’s lamp is that you need to “pay” for those goods, and you need wait a bit of “time,” in order to get your wish (delivery).

With increased automation, the price will go to zero, so the only thing left to solve will be delivery time.

Probably, you already guessed, that time is already constantly decreasing (now, you can use the Amazon prime drone service that will deliver your parcel within two hours), so it is just a matter of time until delivery time will drop to zero (maybe when we invent teleportation or, more improved 3D printers, a.k.a. “replicators,” as they called them in Star Trek).

What about the Magic Police?

In the movie “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” (2016), there are magic police that deal with rogue magicians who want to use their dark arts to harm others. It will be the same in our future society. When we get there, there will be some type of Magic Police — probably a super-smart AI that will prevent those who are too ambitious from doing everything they wish and, in that way, jeopardising other sentient beings.

So, making your own hydrogen or antimatter bomb and blowing up a moon for the sake of fun probably is not something society will take very lightly.

"There's a new world coming, and it's just around the bend
There's a new world coming, this one's coming to an end...
There's a new voice calling, you can hear it if you try
And it's growing stronger, with each day that passes by"
New World Coming - Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children

The brave new world is coming. Are you ready and prepared?