Abandon All Hope of Surviving a New World War

This is maybe one of the rare instances where I would like to ask you to abandon your hope.
Please, do it; abandon your hope you will survive WWIII. Do it, so you may live and let others live, too.
Like me, probably, you have been taught that hope is a good thing, and it is true, but not this time — not in this instance.

Original photo source: "war" by edward musiak 

More and more news headlines look like everyone is preparing for World War III. Look at some of those titles, please. Just look at it:

10 years ago, if I said the same thing as Gorbachev said recently, most people would probably think that I was crazy, but look! He is a politician — someone who had a significant role in history.
He knows better, right?
Anyways, how difficult is it to predict (“see”) something like that?
It seems it’s not too difficult, if you are willing to look at the clues. In the game of “Risk,” when someone is massing troops near your border, you know what to expect next.

More and more of our “leaders” are voicing it as something inevitable — almost like a poetic light that attracts the moth which cannot escape his urges.

Even worse, now and then, when I speak with random people; they, being angry about the economy, hardship, politics, their partners or kids and generally unsatisfied with life and heavily influenced by mainstream media, they too... wish for world war. People from the west say “those damn Ruskies” or “those damn Chinese” or “those damn immigrants.” Those in Russia say “damn Yankees,” and those in China say “damn westerners.”

In their anger, when they think about war, in their minds, it is always someone else who will die, and it is always some other few billion people that will burn in thermo-nuclear war.

It is never us, it is never me, it is never I.
It is always someone else.

Mark my words: if World War III begins, no single human will survive. Regardless of how deep or good your bunker is, regardless of how well you think you may be prepared, the human population will be zero. Maybe a few scattered humans will live a few years longer than others, but, in the end, no one will remain alive. No one will, because, in our calculations, we always forget something... (in the next post more).

Abandon your hope you will survive World War III so you may live!

When you abandon your hope of survival, maybe, just maybe, you will see the horror I see, and maybe you will see the fools in rage around you who wish for war intoxicated by the naïve hope of surviving.

When you abandon your hope of survival — realising that, actually, you won’t survive (neither will anyone you hold dear and love — maybe then you will understand that a better option is to live, love, and never begin any crazy world war. Maybe, just maybe, you will understand that our only option is to get along with everyone you know or do not know, cooperate, and compromise. Maybe you will even understand what “tolerance” means.

Maybe, just maybe, you will be more mindful about spreading fears and hatred, as they are the fuel for the fire that is spreading through this wild forest. Maybe, being rich, after reading this, you will stop wasting your money trying to reinforce your concrete shelter of false hopes, and maybe, instead, like in the movie Gattaca, you will use the last bit of your energy and money to create better future for us all.

I know it is hard. Once those news headlines are pointed out, your negative beliefs started becoming even stronger. Now, you cannot stop thinking about it; fear is spreading through your veins, and you are confused. You are trying to find an exit, you would like to run, you want to hide, you want to escape... but the escape you are looking was never there. There was only a choice: the choice to choose a future in which you will be alive.

So, instead of war, maybe imagine a future where we all can live — a future where there is a room for everyone, enough for everyone’s needs, and for each dream. Imagine that we are all explorers of the infinite — star voyagers travelling from one star to another, exploring both the outside universes and the one within.

And do not imagine it as a wishful dream. Set it in your mind like it is a plan — a plan you make when you want to visit your dear friend you have not seen for a while — and actions will follow.

So, once more, I beg of you, not because of me or other people, but because of you — you who read this text and all the people you love... Abandon your hope you will survive World War III...

As when you abandon that false hope, you may choose to fight for life!

But, whom am I kidding? You who need to read this, you will never read these lines...