. . . writing words is similar like weaving the web, one is created to catch a pray the other imagination.
  • My Publishing Experience

    Around the middle of November 2016, I published my first book, “System Upgrade v2.016.” This is not the first book I wrote in my life. The one before this was longer and more difficult to read. It was a cross-section of many philosophies, more introspective, much more complex... but, as I never got support from the inner circle of my friends, who were unable to understand it or unwilling to read it, it never got out. That had a quite negative influence on me, as I felt too insecure to even [Read more ...]

  • Basic Income and Funding - Part 2

    Before I continue the list I have started in the previous post, it is important to add that the federal budget does not need to be the only source of UBI funding. The majority of the wealth on the planet comes from the following: securities and commodities (stocks, currencies, gold, silver, bonds...) dividend income royalties (music, books, manuscripts, computer software, patents...) interest income (bank, insurance, pension...) property income (asserts, rent, development...) If we could transfer a portion of that wealth to the public (private-social) ownership, we could significantly decrease pressure of the UBI costs, which is, in current draft models, solely relying [Read more ...]

  • Misconception of Nuclear Deterrence

    Before we deep dive into this subject, please ask yourself whether there is anything you love on this planet: children, family, friends, maybe your job, animals, nature, games, cars, computers... something or someone, really anything that immediately pops into your head is good.I would like to ask you to bear that image of someone or something in your mind while you read [Read more ...]

  • Basic Income and Funding - Part 1

    A while ago, I posted a tweet on how to tackle one of the largest challenges of Universal Basic Income (UBI) or its cost. [Read more ...]

  • Rebuilder

    You have likely seen some of those channels on Youtube like Primitive Technology, Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc., Survival Lilly or Marcin Jakubowski, who recreate ancient technologies, gadgets, food, or culture, rediscovering the way something was done in the recent or [Read more ...]