Solving the puzzle

When I was much younger, I believed that logic was the only thing you needed in order to know or apply something.

But somewhere along the way, I have learned that sometimes even when you know something, even when you know every aspect of it by heart, you yourself have nothing but a passive knowledge of it. It is there, somewhere in your brain, as a fact - resident but completely dormant. It's like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle left forgotten under the child's bed.

In order to solve the puzzle, you will need that part. You will need to search for it - and very often there it will be, right under your nose. To fit that piece into the puzzle, you have to look at all the pieces from different angles, you have to turn them upside down, you have to think where they might fit - if anywhere at all.

This can be hard, exhausting and tedious. Sometimes, just to get the motivation to start looking, you will need to be given a push. To become an explorer, you need to have a pinch of curiosity, a pinch of childishness, a pinch of love and the desire to solve problems - simply to keep you moving forward. At the end, once when you slot that piece into place in the puzzle, you will - depending on how large a chunk of the puzzle you have now completed - be rewarded with that "Ahhhhhhh !" feeling.

The truth is that we all share the same puzzle. And we all have elusive pieces. So in order to solve the puzzle, we need to exchange our pieces: we have to share.

"Don't be shy; share your piece of the puzzle, even if you think it is worthless. 
That piece might well be someone else's most important one."