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How to build a new game?

In order to end repetition of the cycle, we need a new type of game.
Saying that "history repeats itself" is not completely true, at least not in one specific segment; every cycle we experience is stronger, more advanced and more damaging. That is also the reason we need a new type of game more than ever before . Otherwise, the next cycle may lack players.

So, the question is:

How do we make this new type of game?

First, we need to set a goal. Let's ask ourselves what will be the main goal from which majority of people will benefit.

  • The majority of people must be winners.

How will players know they are winning?

  • It is similar to the idea that when you are healthy you do not think about it. Only when you get sick you realize what being healthy means.
  • The best answer here is that if people die happy with a sense of purpose and with peace in their hearts, they have won.

How will they get to the winning stage?

  • As in any game, players will need to complete secondary goals.

What will the secondary goals be?

  • Protect and spread life
  • Help others
  • Learn while playing
  • Learn why playing
  • Resolve obstacles

What will the obstacles in the new game be? What are typical obstacles in this world?

  • Lack of energy, food, jobs, love, compassion, fun, etc.
  • Emerging diseases, imbalances in nature, overpopulation
  • Pollution, dying species
  • And so on

Who will be the losers?

  • Those who decide to play against themselves

How long will this game last?

  • Maybe an entire lifetime, maybe generations or maybe it won't end; after all, we are trying to escape the 'chains of cycles'.

What will be the main winning strategies?

  • Networking
  • Cooperation
  • Development of intelligent but ethical solutions
  • Sharing
  • Socializing
  • Helping others
  • ... and maybe you know something else you think it will work?

Before someone starts shouting about how this entire thing smells like socialism or communism, at least give me the chance in my next related post to explain a few things about currently existing systems.

Although I refer to the word 'winning', this can be understood purely as an abstract concept. The concept of winning exists because we still think in terms of the knowledge imprinted in us.

Try to think more about this new game in terms of a thriving tree, which spreads its branches and explores the world. Winning in this context is just a word used to explain the tree's fruitful life and its ability to fulfill its purpose, which it already does all the time.

In order to understand more about the new game, we have to understand the internal physics of the new game and the problems with the physics of the previous one.

Later, we will talk a lot about the main concepts of this game and what is necessary in order to make this new game work.

Stay tuned! Next up is the internal physics of the game .