Gorillas in the Cage

“When time comes, the egg must hatch,
or the chicken will die.”

We, the human race, are like a few baby gorillas left to play in a cage. Each baby has enough food and his/her own toys — happy, as they have enough room to interact and play. With time passing by, they are growing bigger and stronger; the cage, which was once comfortable, is becoming steadily thronged. Cage bars are pushing against their big muscles, and they wonder what happened to all that space they once so much adored. With every passing moment, they are becoming ever more angry and annoyed.

What is the issue here: is it their numbers, their size, or their wild nature?

Nothing of the sort — it is just the time when they need to open the door and leave the cage, as, if they stay just a bit longer, those who were once brothers will feast on each other’s gore over the killing floor.

It is the same with the human race: we have grown our population, intellect, and technology. Now, we have to find a way to get out of the cage called Earth, or we will either kill each other or suffocate increasingly growing more and more.

Currently, we are stranded. We do not have another planet to spare where we, in the face of danger, could, just like in the movie “Mission To Mars” (2000), pick up our suitcases, sit back in our spaceships, and leave by slamming the door.

So, while we still can, we should extend our hands and search for the handle or hinges loosely hanging on the door. Until that day — until we get those ships that will take us to some other shore — we need to learn how to squeeze our bodies, “eat” less, and tolerate each other — if we ever plan to go.

We were never meant to stay inside of a shell, as the wise man knows; open spaces are waiting for us to explore.

The cage was there to protect us, but soon that won’t be necessary anymore, as the stars will transform us into something we never expected before.