Getting the Dinner Done

Setting goals too high mixed with an unrealistic desire to achieve those goals can burn down the enthusiasm prematurely. If we set before ourselves goals that are very high, we may give up even before we start. This does not mean you should give up; it only means you need to learn how to do it.

Our dreams and their fulfillment are very similar to cooking a meal.

Our dreams — the things we want or wish for, the objects of our desire – are food, and they are limited by the size of the pot. The flame by which you cook the meal is your enthusiasm, and the strength of the flame represents the strength of your will to get things done.

If the flame is large enough, a dish will be cooked quickly, as influenced by that flame, everything necessary will be done in the shortest possible time. But you have to be cautious; too powerful a flame also means that you can easily burn the meal completely, or it will be well done outside but undercooked inside.

On the other hand, sometimes it happens that a flame is very small but the meal is very big. This is similar to using a lighter to boil a large saucepan full of water.

But even when the flame is small, there is a way to cook the food. We just have to use a pressure cooker.

We all often have an urge or need to talk about things we are trying to cook in our heads, and talking is very analogous to opening the lid on the pot while we cook. Each time the lid is off, its container, pressure and the energy are released and the food gets colder. So, in order to cook the food, the flame must be either big enough or the lid must be kept closed most of the time.

Sometimes the conditions are such that many external influences go against our cooking, and they put down our flame or temperature inside of the cooker: winds, frostbites, snow and rain. In those circumstances, keep in mind to shield the cooker and to use pressure cooking as much as possible. If we persist in keeping the meal hermetically closed, the cooker will give us a sign — a steam release sigh sound — telling us that the meal is done.

All that is left is to savor your effort and enjoy the fruits of your work.

Have you ever had people around you tell you that you'll never succeed, it will never work, and you’ll never make it?
How many times have you had a nice dream but everything was against you?

Just hold those dreams inside and let them boil. Work on your dreams secretly, and do not share them until they are ready, especially not with those that might distract you from what you intend to do. Unless they are willing to help you, so you can join your flames together and enjoy the fruits of your labor with true friends.

This planet is full of talented actors, singers, scientists and sportsmen who never used their talents. A long time ago, someone said to them that they wouldn’t succeed, that they would fail to get what they want and, unfortunately, they believed them.

Do not let anyone ever say that you cannot accomplish what you believe in, and that dreams are just for fools.

The simple truth is that deep down we all know even thou we are not aware of it — we all are infinite beings of unlimited potential.