Freedom to choose the way you live your life

Depends solely on what you believe in.

You may believe that you have free will, and you could live your entire life in that belief. Just because of that belief, you could have a life that has more risks. Equally, you could have a boring life, deprived of risks, believing that you have chosen your life as it is, as that suits your needs and wants.

Also, you could live a life believing that there is no such thing as free will and that everything you do is, although mathematically very complex, determined by the finite number of atoms and energies involved. Although such number would be almost infinitely big, it is still a finite number.

Saying that you are nothing but a machine, which must do whatever it is destined to do, in some way relives you of guilt, as, if there is no free will, and you cannot control your actions, then you cannot be blamed for the things you have done. In that case, me writing these lines is not my choice, but just something that “I” do, as that is the current state of the universe--looking from the perspective of space, time, energy, matter, and information.

Whatever you believe “can” have an impact on the quality of your life, but it will not give you an answer about the nature of reality or about consciousness—whether or not we have free will.

Most of the time, trying to answer those questions will just spin your brain into an infinite loop similar to asking, “If I say that I am lying, am I lying?”

The real answer might be the same as questions about the existence of God or the size of the universe. We can speculate or devise very clever mathematical formulas and real world experiments, but neither of those will give us the answer.

As the real, viable answer probably is: “we do not know”, but most importantly regardless what the answer is, it shouldn't stop you living and enjoying your life.