Case for God's existence

Timeless questions: does God exist, and is the universe simulated?

The news has never hesitated to spur big claims. Recently, when they wrote, “Physicists find we’re not living in a computer simulation,” 1  2  3  it seems they have figured it all out.

Without further ado, whatever that article said about the proof that we are not in a simulation is just utter bollocks. It reminds me of one other everlasting news dilemma: whether coffee is good or bad for your health.

If you have read my texts before, regardless of what I personally believe, I have tried to explain that, for certain things, it is impossible to find out or give an answer, regardless of how hard we try. Those questions will always stay out of our frame of reference.

For instance: how big is the universe? Or what does infinity look like?

In my post, “The Power of the Unknown” I argued that if we are trapped in a simulation, there is no way you could find out anything about the outside world, regardless of how advanced the levels of tech and physics we have; it will not help us to discover what is outside, unless the creator made some sloppy hardware and software coding.

Simply said, if it happens that you are in a dream, unless you wake up, there is no way you can prove you are/were in it.

Equally, we cannot prove God’s existence, and we never will.

But, just for the sake of argument, I will try to make a case that he exists.
So, what is my case?
Yes, luck. Sheer luck that our civilisation exists and it is still around is proof that God exists.

There is a method of finding clues not by looking at what is there but rather what is not there when it should be.

No, no, no. I am very well aware of Richard Dawkins’ idea of random events and selective intelligence, where those who survived inverted the story and do not see selection, because they were able to survive. So, no, I am not talking about that.

I am talking about the infinitely small chance that anyone is still alive; I am not talking about a fine-tuned universe. I am talking both individually and civilisation as a whole.

Try to ponder some of the moves we are making on daily bases. Then, think about the moves we have made historically. You will see that it is just pure luck that has kept us alive. Not wisdom, not science, and not knowledge but pure luck.

Do not get me wrong: everything we have—all advances, goods, services, tech—is due to the relatively small number of individuals who have advanced our understanding. And, that is a good part.

What bothers me is how stupid average humans and—by and large—our leaders can be.

Also, there is that edge feeling—that, from time to time, I must suppose I am not a very intelligent creature and that I have been unknowingly played like a violin all this time.

Just imagine: what if?

What if this is a personal simulation just for you—everything made up. All news, friends, enemies, all encounters—every rock, leaf, or insect is made only for you. The ultimate virtual reality, where everyone else is basically, in some mind-twisting way, playing with you and you cannot do anything about it.

What if you are being tested in the ultimate Truman Show?

What if all those smiley faces, people annoying you or making you laugh, saying jokes or mean things, or even doing you physical harm are just part of one big play, a test, made just for you?

All that aside, there is something else I want to discuss.