About Violence

From time to time, in my daydreams, I imagine an inverted pyramid. In that inverted pyramid, all the leaders, politicians, elites and religious spokesmen who spread words of hate and war go into the war first. In that world, somewhere, is a battlefield built specially for those whose hearts rage for blood, a desert in the middle of nowhere, a land scorched by different weapons, a killing floor. And all the countries do the same, so that all those who want blood, hate and war can do what they desire. It is done so that they can leave others, who do not think the same as they do, alone — to live and enjoy their lives in a better way.

If anyone ever tries to convince you to sacrifice your life for some “worthy” cause or for the “greater good”, ask them to do it first. And if they say they are just messengers, then demand that they and all of their leaders do the same, all the way to the top. If they try to brainwash you into violence and hate, ask them to take that “stone” and do it on their own. Regardless of them being presidents, generals or high priests, ask them to do it first.

Ask them to set an example. Ask them to take action, but not by sitting in some comfortable chair, giving orders from behind — ask them to go in front of the infantry, ask them to go on the first line in the trenches. If they want battles, let them to go into battles ahead of everyone else. If they are willing to throw away someone’s life — theirs should be first. If they are willing to shed blood, let them shed their own blood first.

And at the end, when you see all of them, all those harbingers of death, losing their own lives, only then — before you do something similar — think, once more: is it worth losing your own?

So on that day, before you decide to become a leader, think twice what kind of message you want to preach and what kind of leader you want to become...