About Science

Warning: this text occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children)!

Maybe, some day, I will try to explain my belief system, but, at this time, I would like to say few words on why I like — no, no, no, the word “like” is not strong enough — why I love science.

Science has the ability to remove drama. That’s it! And I love it, because of that. I could not express how much I am bored with all the suffering, heartbreaking-gut-wrenching-romance, suicide, war, illness, and other types of drama.

You know, when you are God, there is nothing special going on; life is more or less quite boring. When you are God there is no drama, you know everything and the word "surprise" simply is not in your dictionary. Ancient Roman gods (which are, by the way, clearly a violation of the Greek copyright), just the same as Greek gods, were merely humans in disguise. They had human feelings and human weaknesses; therefore, I can conclude they were not gods — maybe some kind of superheroes, with different powers — but not gods.

It is the same for really, really super-intelligent species: there is nothing especially dramatic going on.

Take, for instance, “Me Before You,” the drama with Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin: the entire plot is about the main character having an injury that has left him quadriplegic. So, he, being depressed about his disability, decides that he does not want to live anymore. Then, there is Emilia, who is cute and funny and bubbly, and she falls in love with him, and he also falls in love with her, but still, despite the love, he wants to die.

It is a heart-breaking story... stop there (sound of rewinding). Now, go back to the first scene.

Read again: the main character had a motor accident, now he is in hospital. Doctors in scrubs come in, and, they completely transformed what could be considered as movie-worthy drama, by doing their business as usual and actually regenerating his spine cells, into completely boring story, unworthy of any attention. He lies in hospital just for a few hours and then rests for a week and, regenerated, goes back to his usual activities. He never meets Emily, and he continues to live his douche-bag, multi-millionaire lifestyle in his castle with his snobbish friends. Emilia, on the other hand, stays with her super-annoying/sporty/cyclist boyfriend and marries him, and they continue living the usual middle-class life.

And this is a usual, boring story we all experience and live most of our time...

Science of the future will be the same as living in Groundhog Day: even if we attempt to kill ourselves, it will return us back to the beginning of the cycle. In fact, it will return us back so many times that, out of a miserable and pathetic people who tried to commit suicide, it will create a better people, and we will remember each moment of it.

That is science, and that is why I love science. It is just a matter of time.

I love science, because it removes drama.

For me, karma is a sadistically idiotic concept of some sick motherfucker who invented the entire thing thousands of years ago and made people believe in it. Let me explain why! First, you do some bad and good things, then something out there puts your deeds on a scale and measures who you are and how you performed. Just like in video games, you get scores.

Next, what is dickish about this entire concept is that you will forget everything and then, in the next life, you will suffer for the things you’ve done before in a previous life, but you do not have any recollection of it. It is like being returned in the same crazy game without ever remembering the levels, your score, and especially that you have made a huge enemy out of that pink monster on level 2, but he knows, and he is there to make you suffer.

It is like being punched without reason. It is like taking revenge on a person who suffered amnesia. There is no point in it. In reality, the person you would like to suffer is that previous douche who bullied you that time when you were weak and defenceless, but now it is just a waste of your rage. It is like police forcefully sedating a person, put him/her under hypnosis, then make him/her do something bad, and, after he/she wakes up, not remembering anything, put him/her in jail for the crime committed.

I love science, because it removes drama.

Just like in Groundhog Day. Eventually, because you have memory, you will get it; you will find your interest, and you will make your life interesting. When you know that you are immortal, but you can still feel pain and suffering — while being trapped in the same day, because you have memory, you will one day start doing something differently. You will try things you have not tried before.

If hell exists, it is scientifically create repentance time repeating space bubble. It is not crated to burn you and sadistically torture you, but it is there to help you realise why some things are good or bad, to realise and remember. In that sense, it would be wise to always choose love. Hate, revenge, and violence only crate more hate, more revenge, and more violence. In the end, only love has the ability to truly change people and make them better.

There is the documentary “Child of Rage” that explains it better than I could ever explain.

I love science, because it removes drama.

I never understood why people believe in David Icke and similar clowns stories about aliens.

Truly, my mind cannot grasp this. Why!?

Well, it is quite simple, if you are a race capable of bridging the gap of light years between stars. Just to remind you, the space between stars is so vast and so big that, in our current stage, just to get to the nearest star with existing space ships and speeds we can produce, we would need thousands of years.

Now, if they are so super-intelligent to jump around and materialise things at will, please think: why would they need some inferior species? Especially, why would they in any right mind be interested in putting probes in your anus? Or drinking your blood?

Even we, at this stage, we have mini, pill-sized cameras. Just 10 years from now, cameras will be smaller than a speck of dust. You could inhale 1,000 of them without noticing. Why would aliens, if they are more advanced than we are, need to put probes in your buttocks? Do they have issues with some kind of weird sexual fantasies or an awkward obsession about human anuses? What is going on here? Or, maybe it is the way they communicate, as they do not perceive sound and light, only touch?

Ask yourself why they need humans, anyway?

And, if they want to drink blood or eat our organs, would it not be simpler to take one of our falling hairs or dead skin cells we are shedding all around us, and, from our DNA code, they could recreate us in the lab?

If we humans can do that in our labs, why could they not do it, if they are so super-advanced?

And why would they ever reveal themselves to us? If they do not want to be noticed, although they could cloak ships and make them invisible, there is no need for that; they could just send drones and very tiny dust cameras.

Do you understand my point?

I love science, because it removes drama.

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