. . . writing words is similar like weaving the web, one is created to catch a pray the other imagination.
  • Religious Donations

    Somehow, throughout history, we have been gathering around our fires and holy grounds. For thousands of years, we have been told that we should build places of worship. Even now, when one would think we’ve had enough time for everything to settle down, different religious leaders still compete to build more, taking yet more [Read more ...]

  • It is Your Fault the Rich are Getting Richer

    No, this is not one of those motivational speeches where I am trying to convince you that you can become rich if you start wishing. Also, it is not one of those stories where I am explaining that you’ve let this happen by not engaging in political processes. Although all those contributed to the issue, this is not what I want to address [Read more ...]

  • Permanent Solution

    Note to readers: This is part of an internal dialog. “You” is not really you, but me as a mirror and sum of our society. Imagine a homeless guy sitting on a street and people passing by. Glancing at the poor fellow from the corners of their eyes, each person thinks something different about him. One person is thinking, “This guy smells,” with an explicit feeling of disgust and anger. Another has an internal monologue, “Oh boy, he will ask me for money. Do not look him in the eyes. But, should I give him money? I do not want to give him money. Well, I [Read more ...]

  • Investors vs. Progress

    Recently, article called “CRISPR gene editing can cause hundreds of unintended mutations” went viral in the media. I read it quickly and posted a tweet more as a personal note, thinking at the time, “Well, there are benefits, but there are dangers, but that is no reason to stop, and, I should [Read more ...]

  • Funding Issue

    In order to succeed with business you need focus, perseverance, stubbornness, and the ability to work hard, learn, and change... and combining all of this with enough money could make even a lousy idea a huge success. Money gives you the ability to do things otherwise unimaginable. Working hard is often required, but it is not a magic formula for success. There are many people out there who busted their balls working on their ideas, and they have not succeeded, just because they could not secure money. After a while, they found out that someone else with powerful friends took exactly the same approach and [Read more ...]