. . . writing words is similar like weaving the web, one is created to catch a pray the other imagination.
  • Funding Issue

    In order to succeed with business you need focus, perseverance, stubbornness, and the ability to work hard, learn, and change... and combining all of this with enough money could make even a lousy idea a huge success. Money gives you the ability to do things otherwise unimaginable. Working hard is often required, but it is not a magic formula for success. There are many people out there who busted their balls working on their ideas, and they have not succeeded, just because they could not secure money. After a while, they found out that someone else with powerful friends took exactly the same approach and [Read more ...]

  • Do We Need Cars?

    I mean, do we need to own our own cars and do we need to have them at all? The self-driving car idea is taking off more and more, and, at this point, it is obvious that that ship has sailed, and it cannot be stopped anymore. Even attempting to curb the progress with “self-driving car ban” legislation will not help at this moment, as other countries around the world will continue, simply because, from the point of view of capitalism alone, it makes sense. Humans are very good at optimising processes, and self-driving cars are just one of many [Read more ...]

  • Elon Musk Was Wrong About Population

    Sometime ago, in an interview with CNN, Elon Musk expressed concerns about the population problem we will experience in the future, counter-arguing the popular belief that overpopulation is the biggest issue by saying that shrinking population is a huge issue. [Read more ...]

  • About Removing the Drudgery of Poverty

    Imagine a homeless guy sitting on the street. Around him, people are passing by. While they walk, they spot the poor man, and different thoughts immediately cross their minds. One thinks, “This guy stinks,” followed by short feeling of disgust and anger. Another guy thinks, “He is asking for money. Should I give him money? I do not want to give him money,” then some other: “Damn, I have only plastic.” Some other: “Here you are, fellow... That felt nice, but could I give him more? I had a few coins more; that was stingy of me... I could... I should give more... now I feel [Read more ...]

  • Scaremongering

    In regards to many things I write like global warming, possibility of nuclear war, technological unemployment, decline of human rights and many more, I am not trying to scaremonger you. Scaremongering would mean that I spread fear without any purpose or that I want to spread fear just for the sake of fear, but I am not doing that. In fact, I do not care whether you are scared or not, so long as you can take appropriate actions on the approaching danger - actions that could save your and other people's lives - really it does not matter whether you will shake like a leaf or be like hippos [Read more ...]