. . . writing words is similar like weaving the web, one is created to catch a pray the other imagination.
  • Job: Coder – Different Perspective

    Have you seen that one of those movie scenes where a villain forces his victim to dig his own grave, leaving him alive just until the hole is dug? There are two big ongoing IT hypes: development of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and teaching more kids how [Read more ...]

  • About Genocide

    Not long ago, I reported a Twitter hate bot spreading hate speech. The specific offensive tweet had a Japanese Nazi background, saying something about China committing war crimes against the Japanese. Now, somehow, for ultranationalists and racist people around the world, it is easy to turn a blind eye. During WW2, the Japanese committed mass murder in China, called the Nanking Massacre, killing more than 300,000 people. Reportedly, army commanders had a contest for who could kill more than 100 people with [Read more ...]

  • Media Viral Trends

    Lately, the Internet is booming with global-scale psychology experiments. You can call them marketing campaigns or viral media hypes, but, regardless, they all have a common factor. They all exploit the limits of human beings. Discussion about blue/golden dress, colour of the purse , controversy abut complimentary stay in hotel as a Blogger or Putin ... is it all part of the [Read more ...]

  • Freedom to choose the way you live your life

    Depends solely on what you believe in. You may believe that you have free will, and you could live your entire life in that belief. Just because of that belief, you could have a life that has more risks. Equally, you could have a boring life, deprived of risks, believing that you have chosen your life as it is, as that suits your [Read more ...]

  • Climate Change Defeatism

    Guy R. McPherson is known for his alarmist attitude about global warming, and, although I do not have anything against voicing warnings when danger is real, I am strongly against defeatism or public speech that promotes that all actions are futile. Please listen this video until 17:30 and then continue: [Read more ...]